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2info AB is a legal consulting company with the main office in Sweden which provides its services in Denmark, Sweden and Turkey.

We understand our clients are people with real and important needs that require our special skills, knowledge, and experience.

We are committed to bringing all these resources to work for each client to achieve their desired results. We provide our services in Swedish, Danish, English, Russian, Turkish and Azerbaijani languages for the convenience of our clients.

With 17 years of experience, we are entrusted by many clients from the EU, post-soviet countries, Turkey, Pakistan, etc.

Work and Residence Permit

  • You are uncertain about your eligibility for any residence permit or other immigration benefits
  • You are finding it difficult to obtain temporary or permanent residence or work permit, citizenship, or other immigration benefits
  • You need emergency help with an immigration matter
  • You have had an immigration application refused or denied in the past
  • You are planning to move to Sweden or Denmark to work for a local employer and it has not assisted you with the immigration process
  • You have looked into the application process and realized that the number of forms and documents you must prepare is either too confusing or time-consuming to deal with on your own
  • You are applying for an investment-based visa
  • You are planning to move to Denmark in order to obtain Danish authorisation as a medical doctor, dentist or nurse or any or,
  • Any other immigration matters you need help with

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